So, what else do I get up to?

Strange blog in the snow is the song-inspired name of my main blog. Part-scrapbook, part-memory jogger this is where I dump all of my ideas as well as a few useful tips, tricks, and tutorials.

MYDARLO.CO.UK started out as a blog where to charting the fall and rise of my beloved (and fan-owned) home-town football club in the UK since they nearly went out of business at the beginning of 2012. This is an unofficial site which endeavours to reinforce the club we own by exploring and developing ways to engage, unify, and expand our fan base.

Rapid Solutions is where I work when I'm not busy doing all of this other stuff! We're the finest electrical contractor in the land and BP love us, lol! I take care of all the documentation and certification requirements - as well as developing a computer system to allow me to do all of that in as short a time as possible.

And my next project is...? If anyone out there feels that they could use my services in any wave, shape, or form then I'd be very happy to hear from you. Everything I do is, unashamedly, geared towards the future well-being of our son, and I'd really like to get involved with setting up some kind of charitable foundation or rehab centre/village here in Georgia, to give him and many, many others like him some sort of hope for the future. They'll need something.

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