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The "Briticiser" will convert US English spelling to UK English, and also alert you when it finds words which can be spelt two ways in British English, against only one in US English.

This resource is free to use, requires no registration and doesn't remember anything which you convert, so you can rest assured that you can use it to convert confidential documents without fear that they'll fall into enemy hands.

Instructions: Simply enter or paste a block of text and click the button! The result will appear in a side by side comparison with your original input. Please enter ordinary text only, entering scripting language code will probably produce novel results!

General corrections will be underlined in red.

Hovering your mouse over highlighted words will display an explanatory note in the bottom corner of your screen.

Enter a block of text with some US English spellings and click the button below:

A tool such as this will only be as close to perfection as you can help to make it, so please use this contact form if you ran into any conversion errors, or if there's a particular feature which you think would help to improve it, or even just to say "hello!".

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